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    The Marro property has existed since 1928 and belonged to my great-grandparents Augustin and Catherine, then to my grandparents Jean and Jeanne who cultivated it until 1983.
    Since 1983, my parents Paul and Maguy have kept the property as a pleasure garden, taking advantage of the trees planted by their ascendants and reviewing some of them.
    We wish as many people as possible could know this heritage of the previous century.


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    A pyracantha hedge pruned in the form of geometrical shapes ( cone, cylinder, torus, pyramid, prism, cube, sphere) surrounds this large pleasure garden.
    Its field is only watered by rainwater, yet it remains green all year long.
    The water used for its plants comes from two nineteenth-century wells ( that irrigate dry fountains as well).
    Its vegetable garden is watered by two ancestral furrows.
    This garden is composed of about twenty 10-to-30-year-old topiaries, around forty trees of about 30, 50 years-old, if not more ( citrus, olive, pomegranate, carob trees...etc), and of about thirty ornamental plants.
    Some tools of yesteryear intended for wine-making and farming are still used, the wooden dibbles allow the pricking out of onions, leeks.
    And we still use the wine press, the tank and the crusher to make the wine ( with grapes grown on its hillside)!



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    Guided and commented visit

    You can visit this garden with the owner (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays at 10:00AM), from April 1st to June 30 & from September 1st to September 30, by appointment (48 hours in advance).

    Admission fee: €4, free for children (under 18).

    Payment by check or cash / on-site Parking  

    Easy tour, accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
    Duration: about 1 hour and a half.


    3 avenue Germaine

    06800 CAGNES SUR MER

    Tél : +339 64 44 95 95

    latitude 43.66379 , longitude 7.14882


    ** The garden is located 5 minutes walk from the Cagnes sur Mer train station and bus stops. We safely welcome cyclists as well on our property.

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    Committee of Parks and Gardens of France

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    Parks and Gardens of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

    You can also find some information here ! :


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    Parks and Gardens of France National Directory

    You can also find some information here ! : (search for Propriete Marro!)


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    The Marro property is committed to your satisfaction !

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    Qualité tourisme

    The Marro property has been committed to your satisfaction since 2016. Following the various audits, we are happy and proud to have obtained the Qualité Tourisme mark which rewards the work of conservation of this heritage over several generations. We wish as many people as possible could know this heritage of the previous century.

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    Parcs et jardins PACA

    Affiliation to the Association for the Promotion of Plant, Landscape and Architectural Heritage.

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    Département des Alpes-Maritimes


    Discovery of Cagnes sur Mer gardens

    Mr Guivier video, "Images and expressions" ClubVidéo

    Mr Claude Chamoulaud video, "Images and expressions" ClubVidéo, April-May 2017

    Channel France 3 Côte d'Azur - 19/20 (video), Friday, August 21st 2015.

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    Nice Matin Newspaper, Friday, May 4th 2018

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    Nice Matin Newspaper, Friday, May 4th 2018

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    Pays des Alpes Maritimes Newspaper, June 2018.


    Joël M.

    Ah! Such good memories indeed, and such changes too! Of course we are talking about the Marro property that you have made exceptional.
    So now you have officially become great guardians of the heritage of Cagnes-sur-Mer.
    Congratulations for this much deserved promotion.
    We are truly impressed by this remarkable achievement, this constant willingness to preserve this green jewel and perpetuate age-old skills and practices, and best of all, to share them with everyone. A praiseworthy generosity.

    Patty V.

    We've known it for over 40 years!
    I hope there will be plenty of visitors to enjoy this little jewel of Cagnes as much as we do.

    Jean-Louis W.


    It makes us realize that the property is a testimony of the past century and is truly a part of the heritage of Cagnes.
    Hats off to you for having been able to preserve, maintain and enhance your forefathers' heritage.


    Marie Claude J.

    Many thanks to you and your wife for the very friendly and warm welcome we received from you during the visit of your garden.
    Thank you once again for all the documentation sent out, which will undoubtedly enable me to advance my research.

    Dominique G.


    Hello to the two of you,
    I couldn't resist writing this little note to thank you for the visit of your garden.
    I was delighted to discover it.
    The group was really satisfied with all they had seen and learnt.
    Kisses, and see you next summer.


    Dominique B.

    Dear Sir,
    The two days spent in your area have been intense. Your parents and grandparents have passed a knowledge and a real garden economy on to you, that each gardener should learn- for it is too often overlooked because people think they know how to do without seeking advice.
    We ended our visits of the day in the superb Colettes estate, a delightful place evocative of the Renoir family's life.
    Then a stroll in the old Cagnes and its very beautiful church
    Many thanks for all, we wish you continued success in the preservation of this rare heritage.

    Dominique G.

    Dear friends,
    I find the time at last to thank you again for Wednesday's visit.
    All those who were there were delighted.
    What a great personal commitment!
    Friendly yours


    Marie Laure T.

    A cultural facilitator in the city of Cagnes-sur-Mer, I discovered this "Jardin Extraordinaire" worthy of Trenet, and was charmed, not only by the richness and originality of the place (local history, heritage, ecology, civic-minded view toward the Environment - all this in the heart of the city!! -, the passing on of values and riches) but also by the couple's benevolent (for my "little pupils") and skilled commitment.
    I advise all teachers, educators, facilitators- and others- to visit this place! I came on April 20th and June 22nd with the same pleasure!
    Congratulations and thank you.

    Jagaana association

    We would like to thank you warmly for your welcome, kindness and generosity! The visitors were delighted this afternoon, we received many congratulations and praises. We really have appreciated your contribution to our cause.

    Charline, Isabelle and Jean-Christophe !

    Family visit on the occasion of the "Rendez-vous aux Jardins" days which has delighted us !!!
    We did not suspect the existence of such a beautiful garden in the center of Cagnes sur Mer and it is with great pleasure that we followed the tour commented by the owners who knew how to preserve the irrigation system set up by their ancestors and also knew how to bring to life the memory of simple but effective techniques for gardening and sharing their passion!
    Thank you so much for your kindness and to have welcomed us with our little Charline, 5 months and half who could follow us everywhere in her stroller!

    Martin S.

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I would like to thank you once again for the visit this morning.
    My friend and I were fascinated by what you told us. Whether it's the history of the garden, the art of topiary you practice, the irrigation system, the ingenious use of ancient tools, your mediterranean and exotic plants and last but not least , of your precious "tips" of experienced gardeners (I particularly retain the eggshells to fight against the peach blister).
    I am looking forward to coming back next season with other friends and probably with a group of members of the
    Mediterranean Garden Society. Best Regards.

    Martine C.

    A big thank you for your welcome this morning. I can not wait for spring to come back and admire all the flowers. You know how to communicate your passion inherited from your ancestors.

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    Fondation Lenval : Children from "Les Chanterelles" institute

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    Nicole P.


    You'll be heard!

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    How? Simply by answering questions (click on the link below.)
    Thanks in advance for your participation.




    Cagnes sur Mer, Alpes Maritimes